Safe and Reliable

3 Rivers Plastics has Received an LNO from the FDA for LLDPE PCR

Any plastics that are intended for use with food and food processing must comply with FDA rules and regulations.  On May 25th of 2023 the FDA sent a letter of no objection for recycled plastics from 3 Rivers Plastics to qualify for use with food and food processing.

Films in contact with all food types under Conditions of Use E through G, provided the PCR-LLDPE comes from the LLDPE films previously used in contact with food and complies with all applicable authorizations.

This news comes as no surprise to our team, who are constantly working to ensure we deliver the highest quality products for our clients.  3 Rivers Plastics perpetually innovates and this new letter from the FDA confirms our ceaseless commitment to safety, quality, and excellence.